Bio-Serv – Dustless Precision Rodent Pellets

Bilaney Consultants Ltd stock the following Bio-Serv products:

F0021 – 45mg Dustless Precision Pellets packed 20,000 per plastic jar (for extra freshness)
F0071 – 20mg Dustless Precision Pellets packed 50,000 per box

Assay provided with all shipments

Typical Nutrional Content:

Protein 18.5% – Fiber 4.5% – Moisture 5.0% – Fat 4.9% – Ash 4.3% – Carbohydrate 61.5%

Calorific Value: 3.62 kcal/gm

Ingredients: Casein, sucrose, fiber, dextrose, D1-methionine, L-cystine, choline, corn oil, corn syrup, mineral mix, vitamin mix and flowing agents.

Features and Advantages

~ Nutritional content meets the recommendations of the National Research Council
~ Manufacturing process that is designed to produce virtually dust-free pellets.
~ Suitable as a maintenance diet as well as a behavioral reward
~ Produced in a GMP environment assuring accurate and consistent diet composition.
~ Tested routinely for hardness, weight and height

Ideal for use in pellet feeders as produced by Coulbourn Instruments (also supplied by us)

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