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The Company

Innovassynth Technologies (India) Limited has very successful partnerships with several prestigious global companies across the world since the time of our inception. Our global clients gain a huge competitive advantage through our shorter time to both progressive development milestones and finally market launch. The company has identified NUCLEOSIDES as a niche area and earned a reputation as a supplier of various protected Nucleosides and a partner for Process research.

Innovassynth is a one of the leading custom research and manufacturing organisation, which supports R&D programs from lead generation to clinical supplies. We have a strong corporate governance framework with a sole focus on client satisfaction, quality, safety, ethics and integrity. We have the toll manufacturing expertise to provide complete, cost effective tolling services. We make sure to give our customer products based on their requirement using Custom synthesis. Our ability to deliver significant value to our customers by leveraging our scientific skills, global mind set and cost competitiveness differentiates us as one of the most preferred partners.

Innovassynth Technologies (India) Limited - Profile
(An ISO-9001-2008 Company)


Innovassynth Technologies (India) Limited provide a large variety of products to our customer. We synthesis our products based on our customer requirement. The list of Products offered by Innovassynth Technologies (I) Ltd. More


Innovassynth is in the business of custom chemical syntheses of nucleoside & non-nucleoside compounds for the pharmaceuticals, agro chemicals and speciality chemicals industries, offering Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS).

Innovassynth is committed to conducting its business in a socially, ethically and in a responsible manner. Our success is an outcome of strategic focus on the pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry, moving up the pharmaceutical value chain for products and services across geographies, constantly investing in various growth platforms and promoting a culture of innovation.

We are building upon our solid experience and expertise in nucleoside and non-nucleoside chemistry, both in research and development and in manufacturing areas. Our offering and capabilities include basic research, process development, scale up and small and large batch manufacturing.

Innovassynth has a strong corporate framework with the focus mainly on client satisfaction, quality, safety, ethics and integrity. Our ability to deliver significant value to our customers by leveraging our scientific skills, global mind set and cost competitiveness differentiates us as one of the most preferred partners.

We offer custom synthesis, and contract research services through Fee For Service (FFS) arrangements, and can offer other novel ways to meet the needs and budgets of prospective customers. We have the domain expertise, development skills and infrastructure to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Innovassynth provides a comprehensive basket of services for developing new products, processes and novel technologies to its clients with complete large scale manufacturing support ensuring stringent customer specifications and regulatory compliances. 

Plant Infrastructure

Innovassynth Technologies India Limited is engaged in the manufacture of specialty and aromatic chemical to cater for the requirement of both domestic and International Clients.

Innovassynth Technologies India Limited comprises of several Pilot Plants and Multipurpose Plant for Contract / Toll manufacturing to produce products effectively and with consistent quality as per required national and international standard.

The plant has incorporated latest technologies like Emerson Delta –V DCS system, Allenbradely PLC and SCADA control system for monitoring and controlling the process parameter in an efficient and accurate manner.

The plant has well experienced and dedicated engineering team for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of plant process abiding the safety norms of the workplace.

The plant is divided into Pilot Plants (PP-1, PP-2, PP-3/4/5, and PP-6) and Multipurpose Plant for contract /toll manufacturing.

The Brief Infrastructure Includes

  • Total area : 247,050 Sq. Mtr.
  • Optimum Production Capacity of FG : 20500 MT
  • Manufacturing Facility Area : 85,050 Sq. Mtr.
  • Total Reaction Capacity : 169 KL
  • Steam generation : 6 Tons/Hour
  • Connected Power : 6700 KVA
  • DG Back-up : 2500 KVA
  • Cooling Water Tower : 1850 TR
  • Chilled Water : 235 TR
  • Chilled Brine Capacity : 196 TR
  • Storage capacity of RM : 70 MT
  • Liquid Nitrogen Tank Capacity:30 KL
  • Autoclave/ Hydrogenation Reactor Capacity : 1500 Ltr.

Capabilities & Expertise

R & D: Innovassynth Technologies (India) Limited is one among the few companies that deals in nucleoside and non-nucleoside chemistry with the experience, capability and expertise in scale up from research to pilot and manufacturing. Our dedicated teams manage projects from development trials to final delivery of the desired compound. We provide solutions to global customers, offering a wide range of products & services. Our success is an outcome of extensive research and development in the various fields, which enabled us to move up the value chain for products and services across geographies.

Manufacturing: Innovassynth Technologies (India) Limited has the expertise and the facility to scale-up Process to meet the time and volume targets of the customer. Dedicated analytical team ensures product quality at every stage. Each plant is equipped with a Process Development lab to ensure there are constant improvements in the synthetic process as the products move through the various phases. Our ability to seamlessly integrate our comprehensive capabilities differentiates us from our competitors. We accomplish this integration by forming multi-disciplinary teams that work cohesively, monitoring projects continuously and proactively addressing and resolving critical issues. A highly qualified & experienced team is focused in establishing the technology platform for process development, manufacturing and analytical ensuring global client requirements. We have partnered with various clients’ globally for long term alliances and programs.


Innovassynth Technologies (I) Limited is committed to conducting its operations and Business in a manner that demonstrate effective Environment, Health & Safety Managements at all levels within the company.Innovassynth Technologies (I) Limited considers Environments, Health & Safety to be among the top priorities in the daily activities of the company. Our Employees have a duty to think Environment, Health & Safety to maintain an attitude of safety consciousness to prevent accidents, injuries to themselves & others and exercise for the environment.