As the very first commercial service company Ecocyte Bioscience has supported customers in Europe with high quality defolliculated Xenopus laevis oocytes since 2006. In 2010 Ecocyte Bioscience expanded to the US market by setting up a subsidiary company in Austin TX. Our mission is quality, reliability and customer service. Hundreds of satisfied customers from Universities, Pharmaceutical companies, Government organizations and small Biotechs in Europe and USA confirm our mission by getting high quality Xenopus oocytes in a 24h overnight service for their cutting-edge research. Furthermore, Ecocyte Bioscience delivers standard and customized buffer solutions and lab chemicals at competitive prices over several online platforms. Based on a substantial scientific background Ecocyte Bioscience is also performing contract service research in Xenopus oocytes. From RNA/DNA injections for expression of receptors, ion channels or transporter systems to the final TEVC characterization Ecocyte Bioscience offers a full range of research facilities for Xenopus oocytes all with state of the art technologies

Cell & Tissue Media

Benefit from Ecocyte new lab media service: Save time, work, and space for your daily routine by using our Standard and Customized Cell & Tissue Media (concentrate or ready-to-use media):