Blood Flow Systems



iWorx  data recorders work with a range of blood flow meters and probes.



The ultrasonic flow sensor SONOFLOW CO.55 quickly detects the flow rate of liquids in tubes. Due to its construction the non-invasive clamp-on sensor is particularly suitable for applications in fields with strict hygienic standards. The tube is easily put into the sensor and enables a smooth and uncomplicated change.

The A-SONOTEC adaptor allows iWorx Data Recorders to record the data from the SONOFLOW CO.55


Transonic Systems’ transit time technology has become the gold-standard in volume flow measurements. Probes range in size from several centimeters in diameter to less than 1 mm in diameter and can be used to accurately measure flow in large animals (renal arteries, aortic flow, coronary flow) as well in small animals (cardiac output in mice and rats).

Flow data can be acquired and analyzed in LabScribe providing measurements of stroke volume, heart rate, flow rate, mean flow, frequency, derivatives and integrals.