Pressure-Volume Loop Solutions


Pressure-volume (PV) loops have become the gold standard for studying myocardial contractility, compliance, muscle energetics and other quantitative measures of cardiac function. Typical applications for PV loops include heart failure studies, gene therapy and manipulation protocols and pharmacology studies.

Along with our partner, Transonic Scisense, Inc., iWorx offers a comprehensive acquisition and analysis solution for PV loop experiments. The foundation of these systems is the LabScribe Pressure-Volume Loop Module which allows for real-time display and analysis of elastance and compliance curves providing instant feedback on the quality of occlusions being performed. Unlike other software offerings for PV analysis, all the acquisition and analysis takes place within one program providing seamless and time saving options for generating data for publication.

The LabScribe PV Loop Module can be used to analyze pressure-volume data from any source including conductance catheters, admittance catheters, echo ultrasound systems or sonomicrometry dimension crystals.