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San Diego Instruments has served the scientific community as a comprehensive resource for the design, manufacture and distribution of behavioral neuroscience research instruments used in human and animal studies, for more than 30 years, . Utilized in laboratories and cited in research papers worldwide, SDI systems have come to represent the industry standard for quality and longevity. Our premier SR-LAB™ is the world’s most widely used startle response system. At SDI, our commitment to developing quality products that stand the test of time is matched only by our dedication to excellent customer service. We take pride in our ever-growing core of loyal clientele.

SDI behavioral neuroscience research systems afford you the utmost in quality and performance, giving you the edge in an industry where Power, Flexibility and Ease of Use are everything.

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Startle Response
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Small Animal Behavior Systems
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Motor & Sensory
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Human Testing
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Mazes & Enclosures
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Tremor Monitor
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The power of San Diego Instruments behavioral neuroscience research instruments translates directly into speed and efficiency in the laboratory. Taking full advantage of modern computers, our data organization and management software provides extensive test options and the ability to configure multiple test stations, allowing rapid testing of a large number of subjects. One-touch exporting of data to statistical packages simplifies the process by eliminating the hassle of cutting and pasting.


Specifically designed with flexibility in mind, San Diego Instruments behavioral neuroscience instruments are easily customized to your unique testing parameters. System configurations can be easily expanded over time. Intuitive yet powerful features cater to users from the educated non-specialist to the sophisticated behaviorist. Our systems support multiple test paradigms without requiring additional software. What’s more, several of our systems are capable of running on a desktop or laptop computer. (Soon all SDI systems will offer this ability).

Ease of Use

All the power and flexibility in the world, however, is nothing without ease of use. All SDI behavioral neuroscience instruments are self-installable in less than one hour. Simple, menu-driven steps allow you to set up and run tests without the programming required by competitor systems. Our consistent point-and-click user interfaces minimize technician training. And, unlike competing models, none of our systems require pre-training of the subject.

San Diego Instruments is proud to be poised on the cutting-edge of industry trends. We talk daily with customers, science advisors, and specialists in the field. Our continual investment in design and development keeps our products one step ahead of the rapidly evolving needs of our clients. One exciting new development here at SDI is our new line of USB-connected behavioral testing systems. Doing away with cumbersome PCI connection cards, our new USB-compatible systems retain all the core elements of earlier models while offering spatially efficient hardware that can be set up quickly by non-technical personnel. These convenient new systems inspire all the confidence of previous SDI generations, with modern component technology that adds new test paradigms and simplifies data management.